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Refinished Lane Cedar Chest with deep storage, perfect for blankets, sheets, pillows, towels & off season clothing.  Top and new legs are stained in Minwax True Black with the sides 3 coats hand painted in Dwil Ivory White. This piece is protected by 3 coats of Minwax Polycrylic for durability.  The hardware is heavy and original, sprayed in Antique Bronze.  Inside felt liner has been replaced.  Comes with original Key and fully functioning lock- please see Lane Cedar Chest ammendment to disclaimer below.



Chest Closed: Height: 33 1/2, Width: 43, Depth: 18

Chest Open: Height: 47 

Drawer: Height: 6, Width: 37 1/2, Depth: 15


1957 Lane Cedar Chest with drawer

$675.00 Regular Price
$573.75Sale Price
  • Refinished Furniture: Our refinished furniture has undergone a restoration process to give it a new appearance.  Due to the nature of the restoration process, there may be variations of color, texture and finish as well as minor imperfections that are characteristic of handcrafted and refinished items.  If you would like additional pictures, please let us know.  All items are sold in "as is condition."

    Care Instructions: Please follow the care instructions provided with the furniture to ensure its longevity.  Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive materials on the surface, and use coasters or pads to protect the furniture from heat, moisture and sharp objects.

    Liability: We are not liable for any damage or injury resulting from the improper use, maintenance, or  modification of the refinished furniture.

    All sales are final.


  • Updated: January 31, 2023

    United Furniture Industries is no longer administering the recall and replacement latches and locks are no longer available.  These chests lock by themselves when closed.  Consumers are urged to remove the lock mechanism entirely to prevent injury or being trapped inside.  Currently this piece has a working lock and key. At your request, I would be happy to cement glue the key into the lock, which would make the locking mechanism unusable, so that you can just lift the top to open or close.  Or, if you prefer, I can remove the mechanism in its entirety.   There is no charge for either remedy. Like all items that have a locking mechanism, this chest is not a toy and should not be played with by children.  If you decide to purchase "as is" I urge you to make sure the chest is securely closed at all times and keep the key away from children.  If this item will be used in as a gift to others, an AirBNB, guest room or rental, or similar situation, you may want to consider the options above to reduce your liability.

    MTP Designs LLC is not responsible for the misuse of the chest, resulting in any injury.  In purchasing this item, you are agreeing to this disclaimer.

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